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Install/Uninstall request


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After reading around I have found that there are some users who are frustrated by uTorrents lacking in the Install/Uninstall department, myself being one of them.

More importantly this is about breaking expected application install/uninstall protocols.

Now I'm all for having a small application thats clean and efficient, but before you flame me and call me immature names hear me out.

I just spent about an hour trying to uninstall uTorrent, just so I could reinstall it again.

When I downloaded uTorrent, I expected to install it like any other program, but instead I got this godforsaken standalone thing.

After running it I had no clue where the program had been placed on my PC, I was very confused, so I decided to uninstall it and start over again.

So I go to the program files folder, and to my frustration there is no uninstall file, so I just deleted the entire folder thinking that would be fine enough. So I go back and run what I still thought was the installer file, instead of getting that dialog about icon placement again, uTorrent came back up!

To cut a long story short I had to search the forums to find out how to get rid of every trace of uTorrent just so i could get a clean reinstall!

I had to delete the start menu shortcut, the quick launch shortcut, the file I downloaded, the folder in program files, and the registry entry using regedit!

This is an insult, for the sake of convenience and cleanliness why doesn't this have an uninstaller!?

to quote zthboing over at http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=1487

"Seriously Adding an uninstall would not bloat the software. Adding a single "uninstall" to windows control panel list takes less than 500 bytes. Alternatively, adding a command line option to the exe (like "/u") and a shortcut to it would add (I estimate) between 300 and 1000 bytes. Hardly bloatware."

As for my confusion over the standalone file, it was never communicated to me that it wasn't an installer file. I had no clue what was going on, it would have saved me a TON of time and confusion if somewhere it had just mentioned how it works.

Since it breaks typical expectations, its only fair to expect some sort of hint or explanation.

To say the least I am very displeased, and I would gladly change over to some other program if it weren't for there not being any other competitor with anything as small as this.

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