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Slow browsing and downloading


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My ports are forwarded and I limited my upload speed, and I'm using speed guide settings for a 2mb connection I also used the patch.

If I were to download something in utorrent faster that 260kB/s, my browsing slows down to a crawl, but with Azureus I can download well past that and still have websites load fast. With downloading, in utorrent it caps at around 320kB/s but Azureus is alot faster. I don't want to keep using Azureus since it makes my PC slow after keeping it open for a while. So basically I'm using Azureus for downloading, and utorrent for seeding right now. Is there a way to fix this?

In Azureus, I have 50 connections per torrent, and 250 globally and capped upload at 31, can I transfer those settings to utorrent?

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