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We have 2 laptops, one running Utorrent1.7.7

We both run off a White Sky Broadband Netgear Router (model not stated on unit).

Our connection speed is 54 Mbps.

Only when using Utorrent, both laptops are running very very slow whilst on the internet,taking upto 2 minutes to load a page.

I have today through the Utorrent programme speed guide, selected the download speed of 50 Mbps, the Port has been tested and is operating. I have been using the programme for 12 months without having done this.

We still had this problem when the programme speed hadn't been altered.

Can you offer any help..thanks

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I have just run speed test with Thinkbroadband and the results were:

Speed Down 687.68 Kbps ( 0.7 Mbps )

Speed Up 635.43 Kbps ( 0.6 Mbps )

ISP correctly detected as Sky Broadband

What connection type do I need.

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