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Appreciate help to understand port activity


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Thread didn't really go where I'd meant it to, head was full of cotton wool today, thanks to DreadWingKnight for offering support though.

Mods. Please delete. I need to go RTFM etc. and come back when I'm more sure of how to phrase my question - that's if I still need to ask the question.

Sorry for messing the board up guys & thanks again to DreadWingKnight.

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So the Port Forwarding is just related to the listening port and once an initial connection/handshake etc.. is made, Utorrent is then free to use the entire port range to return the packets?


Connections other peers make to you come in on your listen port.

Connections you make to other peers originate from a port typically defined by your operating system.

Once a connection is established, data transfers in either direction on it.

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