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Bluetorrent, icon for Utorrent

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Looks nice.. convert to PNG and make a transparent background and it'd look even cooler.


If you want I can do that for you with my rudimentary skills, but it'll have to be in the afternoon.

Addendum: warri0r13blueutnbbz2.png

As you see, given the 48x48 dimensions there is visible artifacting with basic transparency of the picture... with a larger source this becomes less noticeable. I have to ask, are you planning to make this into an ICO set for http://utorrent.com/skins.php ? If so you should play with the colouring/detail. Standard sizes included are 16^2, 32^2, and 48^2 (what you've made already--sort of, it's coming out as 47^2 in my editor). Also if you wish, check out converting it from 16-bit (65536 colours) to 8 bit (256 colours) see how that makes it look. Sometimes, you need to be a bit more careful at the smaller sizes as to what shows up... i.e. in your raw file you have, create a "default" one, then remove some layers/elements for the smaller icons, and then save it as a new layer, and then resize it. Many times that awesome detail doesn't look so good when in a 16-by-16 pixel square.

Also keep in mind if you're very proud of it you can also put out 64x64 in the ICO... and yes the newer OSes include 128,192,256 and even 512 pixel square support.. but those shouldn't be stored in the ICO in my opinion, since ICO is not compressed at all. If you however try png compression tools it can increase the effectiveness of your base image, and you may even be able to make it smaller still by manually picking colours in your palette or creating a custom palette...

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