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Modem restarts every now and then.


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I have a problem with uTorrent, although this problem probably persisted when I used other clients long ago too. Anyway, I'd like to know what settings I should use for my ADSL connection which is currently 9/1mbit. And the problem is every now and then the modem would seen to 'suffer' from the traffic going through it and is caused to restart, so for about 30 seconds I have no internet connection. And sometimes it even becomes worse - after one of the spikes I'm left with no internet at all. And even after countless manual restarts, sometimes numerous calls to the ADSL Helpdesk, eventually I get the internet back.

Anyway, my current settings are like this:

global max conn: 150

max conn peers per torrent: 40

upload slots: 2

(use additional slots of below 90% checked)

max active dls: 2

max active torrents: 3

Any recommendations welcome. Thank you!


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Is your modem the only device between your DSL from the wall and your computer?

Does this "freeze" happen at a specific time either of day or after uptime (every 24 hours, for instance)? Many devices' firmware include values for tracking connections much longer than needed, and therefore given the numbers of peers/connections filesharing software (of which uT is a member) have a knack for exposing these shortcomings. What you may want to ask is if the connections settings on the modem can be altered... Also if there's a more up to date firmware for it. So you're able to upload consistently ~ 90 KiBps in your uT? Those settings certainly aren't bad for the bandwidth you're giving it. It may notice a bit of a slow going at the beginning since you're possibly giving out only 6 slots total (UP_LIMIT / (TORRENTS * SLOTS)) is the general form for what we think of when we say per-peer bandwidth.. and it most certainly needs to be > 1, but the settings in uT try to keep it ~ 3. Your settings merely allow peers to pull faster from you which will when they are fast(er) uploads like you, reciprocate back to your download.

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