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Slow Or Capped Download Speed


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I have a very strange problem which I cannot find a solution for. Ill try to be as descriptive as possible. I seek any advice if anyone here has any. If there is any more information you would like to know I will be happy to provide it. Thanks in advance.

I have:

WinxpSP3 (Also ocurred when I had SP2)

westell 6100 Verizon ADSL (Also ocurred when I had 2200)

For the past 4 months this problem has occurred 3 times. I didn't notice the pattern until the second time around. After downloading torrents for a while my local area connection drops in and out several times but seems to resolve itself shortly after. But afterwards when trying to download or surf the internet via IE my download speed is extremely slow almost like dial up. On speedtests I get numbers such as 280down and 384up when normally I used to get over 800down. Strange thing is if I download a healthy torrent speeds are normal. So only downloads through the browser seem effected.

The first time this happened I immediately went to Verizon Direct's forums to seek help. They of course tried to blame my computer but I used a second reformated PC to refute that and it also occurred on it. After frustratingly going through phone and tech. hoops my cries were appeased and they sent me a brand new 6100 for free. After getting instructions to set it up over the phone all seemed fine.

Shortly after while downloading via torrent the same thing happened and this is when I noticed the pattern. So again I went back to Verizon Direct. Later I received a phone call stating they have found the problem and it should be fixed within 4 to 5 days. Within that dead line my connection was back to normal and all has been fine for the past 2 months downloading both via torrent and browser.

But now again the problem seems to have occurred after downloading some files via torrent. Verizon this time cannot seem to find a solution. I dont know if this is just bad luck negligence on there part or what but I thought I'd try my chances by asking here. For the record I do not venture, click or download unkown files or websites and can assure that I am not infected. Yes I have checked many times. It's not my internet security because the slowness still is in effect when I temporarily disable it. My modem is hooked up directly to the computer via wire.

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The speeds in utorrent seem uneffected by the slow speed that occurrs during web browsing &web downloads after the wierd timeout that occurrs when downloding a fast healthy trorrent. But seems to be linked to somehow the cause of it. My suspicion is that something is being overloaded on Verizons server side.

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