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Slow up speed.Noob


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Hey I just installed uttorent yesterday but i cant get the upload to work really. Im not really good at computers but i have tried to follow the instructions.

I get the ! sign.

Ive forvared a port and made an static ip(though when i did the static ip i didnt know what to write in the alternative Dns, cuz when i did ipconfig it only said the same dns adress twice). I have a wireless comp and

internet speed on 864/ 160. It sas something about a firewall but i only have windows firewall and i have allowed uttorent there.

Have windows vista in windows defender it sas that i have more then 1 firewall running but i cant find another firewall....

What does Dht Nodds means btw?

Sorry for a bunch of dumb questions...

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Done the setup already. It uploads up too like 12kb/s but mostly around 5...

Still have that ! thing Maybe it a firewall thats messes it up but i cant find anyone. Its no otherfirewall then windowsfirewall in windows vista?

what is PeerGuardian2 or Protowall ?

when I test the port it sas

Error! Port 61154 does not appear to be open. then its for sure the port and not the firewall?

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Yeah, up to 16 KiBps in uT is compatible with your x/128 setting. If it's mostly around 5, you can try lowering your connection per torrent some more... it may help. Also turning off things like UPnP LPD and even DHT on torrents unless necessary may help. It's all important when you have an upload that low.

PG2 and Protowall are both software firewalls people use on their computers. The error means you have something blocking you. If you rule out the computer, and software, and hardware between you and your ISP it leaves the ISP.

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