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Slow Downloads Pls Help


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Hi, I have spent a lot of time reading on the forums trying to increase my speeds and following suggestions but so far I'm unable to get my speed up past 10-30 kB/s. Please, after five hours of reading and searching, my brain hurts. I am a newbie and the learning curve is steep but I am trying. Here are some stats for anyone who can help :

My Download speed: 2243kbps (280KB/sec)

My upload speed: 282kbps (35 KB/sec)

In the status bar it says: UPnP (port#) OK

(If I disable UpnP in the Preferences, I get "Network OK" but no better performance.)

I have left everything at the default settings -- have tried to max out my upload and download as I've read in some suggestions but my speeds got lower.

The only thing I have done which has seemed to help -- before it was 3kB/s! -- was to use the EvlD4226patch to get my half open connections to 50. This got me out of "NAT error" and into "UPnP (port#) OK" in the status bar. And I changed in the advance preferences to:

netmax_halfopen: 40

So I increased my speed from 3kB/s to 10-30 kB/s. But like the song says, is that all there is?

When I downloaded the openoffice my speeds were 240-300kB/s.

If there are any suggestions please let me know. And Happy New Year! Thanks.

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What's your upload side doing.

All this 'speed' you're talking about is probably DOWNLOAD speed.

But BitTorrent is based on give-and-take tit-for-tat.

So how fast is your total upload speed in µTorrent and how fast is each upload slot?

(An upload slot is 1 upload to 1 person.)

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My upload speed is about 60kB/s in torrent. How do I figure out each upload slot?

It can be approximated by calculation or it can be observed in µTorrent.

It is approximately:

TOTAL upload speed / [ ( number of upload slots per torrent +1 ) * ( number of active torrents) ]

The result is KB/sec per upload slot.

Or you can just click on a torrent and then check peers.

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