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Here's a weird problem


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It took a while to figure out what was causing the problem but it turns out it was uTorrent.

My max download speed is 125K a second. If I don't run uTorrent, I can surf (either using IE or Firefox) and send/receive email.

the second I open uTorrent (whether I actually upload or download anything), my surfing and email comes to an almost complete stop.

If I leave everything alone, pages will eventually open (after about 10-15 minutes)

Same with email...it takes a while but eventually mail gets sent and received.

When i close uTorrent and reboot, everything is back to normal....until I open uTorrent again.

If I use another torrent program, everything works fine all the time but I'd rather use uTorrent.

I'm running Vista home

Any ideas?

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