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"Save to" dialog appears to be off Screen


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I have the problem, that when I open a torrent and µTorrent is minimized,

the download dialog appears to be offscreen,

because after I loaded the torrent and switched back to µT the window is inactive and

stays that way until I hit ALT+F4, so I think it's closing the dialog then.

When µT is not in minimized state it works fine,

although I wish the dialog would gain focus when I load a torrent :rolleyes:

I use the latest Build 386 (the problem existed in the previous 3-4 Versions too)

and if it is important I have two monitors connected.

I also posted this on the bug-tracker, http://utorrent.com/bugs/view.php?id=127

because I think it's more suitable there.

If this is considered doubleposting,

please delete this thread.


Mhh. Didn't see the option "Activate window when adding file" in

General Options. When this is enabled everything works fine, if not

the problem occurs as described above


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