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how to overcome diskoverload?


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Has your hard drives reverted to PIO mode?

Check your hard disk controller settings in Hardware Manager for Windows.

Are you using uTorrent v1.8 that includes a means of turning off Windows caching of reads and writes? (...and just use uTorrent's ram cache instead.)

Are you downloading/uploading faster than 1 MegaBYTE/second?

Or downloading/uploading to a USB drive? ...or worse, a FLASH card drive!

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hi switeck,

1.what is "PIO mode"?

2. I using utorrent 1.7.8 build 8179 - do i have to upgrade to version 1.8?

3. I downloading from intranet - gain speed up to 8 Mbps.

4. I download the data to portable hard disk (usb) - from experience, it can help to gain stability in read and write data to portable hard disk. Write data directly to local hard disk alway causes crash.


using utorrent 1.8 b11200, feel a bit stable for the system.

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PIO mode is just a standard hard drive communication and speed type.

It's absolutely ancient, dating back to probably pre-1990 era for the earliest versions.

But for whatever the reason, Win XP likes to turn on that mode whenever there's severe windows crashes and reboots. :(

So you have to find the hard drive controllers in Hardware Manager and delete their entries so Windows will redetect them at the correct settings and speeds.

uTorrent v1.8 is MUCH better at reducing and eliminating disk overload problems.

Check its advanced CACHE settings to disable windows support for read and write caching.

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