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"File not Found" on uTorrent under Wine


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I have some problems with my uTorrent. I use it under Debian 4.0 r3 with Wine 1.0rc2 installed. When i will download something, program start transfer, and speed is preety, but after few minutes i have "Error: File nod found". It is very interesting because uTorrent had been working propertly before i reinstall my system, and my IPtables configuration allow all TCP/IP packets. I please for any help, i spend a lot of time on trying solve this problem but i only invent that turn on encryption raise transfer speed

(before download speed never increase more than 3KB/s).

Sorry, if You have any problem with understand my post. I come from Poland and i know that my English require a lot of work :).

Oh, i forgot write that in my Windows XP with the same version of uTorrent i hav'nt any problems.

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