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Port forwarding


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Ok I have DSL 2wire 1701HG modem and i done the port forwarding like i should and the little circle turned green and everything seems to work and my download speeds was incredible. Then later on and error showed up with my modem saying i was running a router on a router and i selected resolve my problem and when i done that it changed it over to DMZ plus and made my modem public and i dont want that ... What could i be doing wrong ????

I did everything exactly the way the port forward page explained it .

- My download speed right now is 11.8 kb/s with 3 (11094) seeds and 7 (24409) peers selected ... sometimes it climbs to 140kb/s but it wont stay but for a little bit.

- in preferences all i have checked is enable NAT- PMP port mapping ... my port is 42880.

-oh i have windows vista 32bit home premium SP1 with PC tools Firewall Plus and AVG virus protector.

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The modem error showed up after restarting everything and then i opened up mozilla firefox and accessed my modem and then it poped up the error . No i didnt install nothing with my modem ... no software and ya i disabled the DMZ+ but then i get a yellow triangle or sometimes it turns redish orange on me and back to the slow connection speed .

when accessing my modem i added a new definition

Name- Utor1

Protocol - TCP

Port range 42889 to 42889

and i selected the correct computer name to .

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I went ahead and allowed utorrent with my firewall again and i did the same thing i did the first time, but this time its not giving me that error no more and im not in DMZ+ either so im not sure what was going on but im getting great speeds now... Thanks !!!

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