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Avg. speed 1 - 6 kb/s :-( 'Dummie' needs help


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Several months of frustration

Finally turns to you, gentlemen, for help

I HAVE tried to find answer by reading what I've found, but tedious instructions on

configuring port(s) correctly was over my head.

Sorry, I'm 'computer illiterate'.

Also, the genre jargon is definitely outside my language capacity :-/

( wonder if the ace who wrote the 'configure your port-instruction' ever gave language a thought ).

Getting more and more convinced that uTorrent in fact IS slowing down my connection, though I didn't realize that earlier.

Test by 'Glasnost' result : OK - no choking by ISP.

Still, without uTorrent active, surfing and download works "normally" ( if slow ).

I use HSDP via 3G mobile internet.

Through six months now, I've constantly tested download speed, averaging some 0,6 - 0,8 mb/s.

That's a severely disssapointing figure, since the provider advertizes "up to 7,2 mb/s".

No guarantees , so there's business advertizing ethics for you...

Anyway, be it slow , it at least works - until I'm starting uTorrent !

Then everything seems to choke down to a virtual standstill.

And consequently the connection shuts down after a while.

( F.ex. It's imposible to leave the redicously slow trickling over night - it just stops being active due to the low speed ).

Please help !

What can I do ?

Thanks in advance !

// T

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afaik, 3G uses firewalls for incoming ports in Umts/HSDPA.

All p2p traffic will be severely blocked or throttled.

You can try using port 80 or using the instant messenger port for utorrent, but the only possible solution might be vpn tunneling.

To put it in a nutshell - forget it.

btw, its "up to 7.2mBIT/s". You have to divide this figure by 8 to get the speeds im Mbyte. This means you are pretty much maximizing your download speed right now. Working as intended.

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>> "torrero"

"afaik" ? - what's that ?

As for the "All p2p traffic will be severely blocked or throttled"

- OK.

How come the test with 'Glasnost' didn't show that ?

"up to 7.2mBIT/s" - Yes. And the (constant) TP-tests show sometimes in the

~ 5 - 20 kBIT/s (!) bracket, other times something like ~143 - 262 kBIT/s,

and a few rare occations I do get some ~ 700 kBIT/s - 1.3 mBIT/s ,

which then is above 10 % ( just ) of the boasted "Up to 7.2 mBIT/s". ( Crap ! )

As I mentioned, average figure is ~ 0.6 - 0.8 mBIT/s ( 600 - 800 kBIT/s ),

but then the average is NOT counting all the failed tests:

"could not detect connecting server" (or something similar/along those lines).

Some ~ 30 % of attempted tests get aborted because connection simply is too slow

and/or takes too long time.

"..maximizing your download speed right now. Working as intended"

Honestly ? Is it ?

I'll try to use port 80.

How would I do that ?

What is "instant messenger port" ?

Any help Greatly appreciated !

Thanks again !!


P.S. No arrogance - at all - behind my questions ! :-)

( Just wanted to make that clear )

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- AFAIK: "as far as I know"

- Glasnost: It's not perfect at detecting ISP interference, but if it detects it consistently, it's probably correct

- Speed: What were the exact units shown for your speed tester?

- Port: Look for the Listening Port option in the µTorrent Preferences

- Instant Messenger Port: Whatever port your IM client is using, I suppose? I doubt it'd help with anything.

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I'm on ComCast, I know ComCast disrupts BitTorrent traffic.

It's pretty obvious when peers don't stay connected for more than 40 seconds unless I use basically Level 5 (from Azureus chart) encryption settings. Also, incoming peers often get disconnected within 2 seconds of my upload to them exceeds 30 KiloBYTES/second.

But Glasnost doesn't detect that. :(

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