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can't keep port open


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I forward my port according to portforward.

I check it and it is open and working fine.

I come back a couple hours later, and it "does not appear to be open"

I change my port, it works fine for a while, then doesn't work.I can't figure out why. Any ideas?

I assume that once I get this figured out, I will get back to my normal 800k-1.2mb download rate, which is now at about 200k.

Otherwise using Switeck's settings.

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You seem to be on ComCast.

In my Recommended Speed Guide settings, that means you probably can't use any settings higher than 1 megabits/second upload speed max.

...And may not be able to even use above 700 kilobits/second upload speed max!

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Yes UPnP enabled

yes I am on comcast.

I use utorrent encryption, but is the high traffic setting off some kind of comcast security/candwidth problem? Is that what you mean when you say that I "can't" use higher upload speeds? does comcast sense too much data and close down my port?

When I do speed tests, I average around

12mb download

1.5mb upload

slightly confused.

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OK, so my speeds are not as fast as they seem. I am just trying to understand why my utorrent client has CHANGED so much. I think it might be because I cannot keep the port open, I don't know.

When I change my settings down to those suggested (Switeck) for 320 or even 192, I still have the same problem.

Again, I used to download content at speeds of 800k to 1.2m per second (for hours at a time), and would typically have 300-500k downloading (when I was dowownloading - I am largely a seeder) and 200-400 uploading at any one time. I have 250 files ready to seed, and 10 or so ready to download, and it says there are seeds and peers to download from.

Currently, I am downloading 0.5 -2k, up/down (reduced by a factor of several hundred).

Is there any other information I can give you that might explain and lead to a correction of this? If nothing else


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What about if you try to maximize sustained upload speeds?

I know NOTHING about how few peers/seeds are on the torrents you're on, how many torrents you're running, nor how fast your line really is!

Try the OpenOffice test torrent to see what your max download speed can be.

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