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A Specific Network Problem


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Utorrent has been working fine for ages. A few days ago I was seeding about 75 torrents on my 15/2 Mb connection (only about 3 or 4 were active at a time). I was connected through a wireless network on my linksys WRT54G router and everything was working fine. The problems started when my brother reset the router back to its default settings. I quickly reconfigured the router to my previous settings and everything was working correctly except utorrent.

When I activated certain torrents my firefox would slow down tremendously (when I tried to access a webpage it would be "loading" for several minutes). Even if these torrents weren't currently seeding, it would slow down my firefox connection.

However, firefox only seemed to lag when I started certain trackers. for example, I had about 24 torrents on tacker X and 33 torrents on tracker Y. I started all 24 torrents on tracker X and firefox worked fine. However, if i started just one torrent on tracker Y (even if it wasnt seeding), it would cause my firefox to grind to a halt. This is strange because like I said previously, I ran all these torrents and trackers flawlessly before my router reset.

Also, I'd like to mention that my torrents download and seed just perfectly. The lagging of firefox is the only problem. And the only antivirus/firewall I have is NOD32

I am usually good at solving my own problems when it comes to networking, but this has got me stumped. Any help would be appreciated and if you'd like any more information or clarifications just let me know.

Thank you!

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Yes I understand like that would be the case, however it makes sense because it worked perfectly fine before with that many connections. As long as only a couple were actually seeding, I noticed no drop in performance.

I'm going to try the NOD32 fix now. thank you.

edit: Excluding utorrent from nod32 seemed to work. wow i feel so silly now, sorry for wasting your time. thanks again.

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