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If you're downloading a series of torrents from the same tracker and others are doing the same...and they notice you stopping torrents when you hit 100% without seeding some.

...It is remotely possible they might ban your ip as a result. :P

Seeding to 1:1 ratio takes longer if you upload slower. Someone on a 1+ megabits/second upload speed max connection at least occasionally seeds more than 100% the size of the torrent even before they finish downloading it. This is to make up for all the people who leave early without seeding to 1:1 ratio. :(

They still tend to get better download speeds than people with low to very low upload speeds for what it's worth.

You can turn on the Ratio column in the torrents window by right-clicking on the column names up top and adding "Ratio"...that is if it isn't already visible.

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