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some kind of spyware virus that is using utorrent as a tool


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I am desperately in need of help, I believe that one of the torrents I downloaded contained a spyware virus that is using utorrent to FUCK MY COMPUTER UP! When I plug my ethernet cord in and am connected to the internet, utorrent re-opens up to 400 + times, I have tried everything. Wiped out any trogans, virus, deleting utorrent. etc..., system restored, Nothing works. I am wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this? I am afraid that I will have to completely re-format and I would rather not...:( This sucks...btw, I am in no way new to using torrents or any torrent programs, I have been doing this for years and have never had anything like this happen. I have even had the cable company I go through change my ip address. :( I am just a lonely girl who loves her computer and really needs some help!!

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