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Utorrent Checking WAN IP


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I've been using Utorrent since forever and it's always worked fine with my IP and had all the ports forwarded correctly. But now its giving me the exclamation and when I check my ports it says...

Checking port 30092 on

Error! Port 30092 does not appear to be open.

I know "" is my internet IP, and not my usual LAN IP. Utorrent used to always check my LAN ip and now suddenly its checking the Internet IP.

Is there anything I can do to get the ports to forward correctly through the internet IP? Or is it something my ISP might have done suddenly making it not work?

The router i use is Thompson Speedtouch 576.

Any help would really be appreciated!


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It used to check with my LAN im sure, my 192.168... ip, but now its started to check my WAN.

But its okay its fixed now, thanks anyway. I added my WAN under the Bittorrent "IP/Hostname to report to tracker" and it went green. :)

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