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Every Tracker Offline?


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Is there something wrong?

cuz 1 week ago everything was fine, ports are ok, no firewall, no antivirus or whatsoever....

so...any ideas?

BY THE WAY: is there something wrong with kaspersky? a new update or something? cuz as i said, one week ago, everything was fine, up and runnig with KIS 7!

and now, FIREFOX is crashing, utorrent is getting offline trackers, everything is going bongus!

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i find comodo firewall very ...icky!

too many rules, i mean the rules for utorrent are impossible...unless one of you guys have that .txt that is used to import the rules directly to the program!

And, since i'm getting rid of kaspersky, i'll need another antivirus....that i can used as a combo with comodo!

Thanks guys, very helpful!

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