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Finer resolution scheduler


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Apparently my earlier request for additional feature above has not been considered important enough so I came up with my own solution.

I have a volume based 2mbps Internet service which also permits me unlimited downloads from 2.00 am to 8.00 am. So the scheduler periods provided by µTorrent are not acceptable to me. I am not willing to sacrifice 1 hour of free download time everyday simply to play it safe.

What I did was to change the time on my pc clock. I simply added 5 minutes to my internet time syncing software from what it was supposed to be. The built in time zones in windows do not permit this so I am using ats.exe from AnalogX, i.e in place of gmt + x hours & 30 minutes I set it at GMT + x hours and 35 minutes. Now I have enough time for the µTorrent to shutdown Gracefully.

BTW my ADSL modem/router runs off of 12 v DC power supply. I stopped using the furnished power supply for the modem & picked this up from the PC it self so that the modem also switches off with the PC. Also this PC is used essentially for downloading files by torrent & http protocols. It does not matter to me that the PC clock is off by 5 minutes.

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