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uTorrent kills connection


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Running uTorrent (or Azureas, I had the same problem while using it) kills my internet connection. Now before you assume I'm an idiot, let me explain.

I'm on Verizon fios, with a connection that gets 20 down/ 20 up, (I just tested though and got 10down/9up). Since I'm with lovely Verizon I've got the Actiontec MI424wr router, with it's (atleast from what I've read) 1KB IP Table.

I've got my connection settings as follows:

Upload Limit: 72kB/s

Upload slots: 5

Connections: 100

Connections Global: 200

Max Active Torrents: 5

Max Active Downloads: 4

I have my router forwarding all incoming traffic (TCP and UDP) to the port specified in uTorrent. I've turned off port randomizing. I'm set with a static IP address.

When uTorrent is on, all traffic on my laptop slows to a crawl. Any site I try to open takes for every to finish. It doesn't even matter if I'm download or uploading on any of my torrents. uTorrent would be at 0 up and 0 down and still my connection would be slow.

I'm on a Windows XP home SP3 laptop, which is running AVG Anti-Virus and Firewall (uTorrent has been allowed to make any connections).

I'm sure I've left out information or haven't followed some step, so please let me know what to do next and I'd be happy to. Thanks

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