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Relocated files while still seeding HELP!


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Ok. I'm a noob. While the files were seeding, i relocated the files to another folder, now my torrent files have an "red x" next to it with "status: the system cannot find the file specified." So, then, i place the files to the original place thinking that the torrent can locate the files again, but it didn't work. (still have the same status, etc)

So is there any way to fix this? or do i have to re-download the file again?

Thank You!

** Hope this is not really specifically about "downloaded files" or maybe not in that category.

btw, i went through the FAQs, but i still don't know exactly what does seeding suppose to mean/do. what is a seed? what is a peer? Plus how long am I suppose to let files seed? I heard to a ratio of 1 but what is a "availability"( they may have numbers like 1.000 or 1.882 etc)


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