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Utorrent is slow compared to bit tornado :(


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Bit tornado has been my pimary client for long time now, but utorrent caught my attention and i decided to give it a try. I was downloading a torrent about 4 gb with bit tornado and my avarage dl rate was about 20-40 kbs and upload rate was about 2(yes 2 i lowered the ul rate to increase the dl). I switched the download to utorrent and the speed i saw didnt appeal me very much my average speed with utorrent was less than 10 kbs and i also lowered the upload rate to 2. I m thinking utorrent isnt as great as every1 says it is. ALot of the reviews said utorrent was extremelly fast..Can any1 give me any suggestions that will help my download speeds to increase in utorrent. Some help please!

My computer specs:

1gb ram

amd 64 athlon 3200(2.0 ghz)

100.00 mbs onboard ethernet

256mb 7800gt

my ISP is Bell Sympatico(live in Canada btw)

got the fastest service, hgh speed ultra 5000 kbps

i have a speadstream 6520 modem/router(have fowared ports 6881-6889 both TCP and UDP, have norton internet security 2005 and configured both clients to have full access to internet)

connection speed:

1208.9 kbps--Cnet.com

3782 kbps--pcpitstop.com

3700 kbs--bandwidthplace.com

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@ keloran i tried to access your website but it doesn't seem to be working( takes a while to load than shows me the page not available)

And the reason i lowered my uploard rate is because when i did put the uplaord rate at max 30 kbs/s my dl rate was way slower to to the uploading rate of the torretn dl was 5-7kb and uplaord 30kb. I than saw a forum saying if u lower ur uplord rate to 3 ur download rate wont be affected by ur low upload speed.

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