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URGENT :For your kind assistance please ENTER will be thankful


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Dear Profissional users:

Im seeking for your kind assistance to solve me problem.

am downloadind a file/movie this movie is very healthy, over 5000 seeds & more than 13000 peers, but the actual "to me" appers to be 50 seeds and 100 peers.

Is their any settings or a batch to open more ports??

My software is µTorrent v 1.77

looking forwars for any helpful tips or useful ideas.

Thank you.

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thelittlefire & Switeck,

Thank you very much for your kind replies.

I will be thankful for any more replies, my internet connection speed is 980 kb download and 235 kb upload as per a very recognized speed test website.

Actually, these are the numbers under the seeds column in my U torrent 1.77 software " 80(5439) " and these are the numbers under peers column " 101(13285) " for the file Im downloading.

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So your max possible download speed in uTorrent is only a little over 100 KiloBYTES/second.

Maybe 110-120 if you're lucky.

Try the 224 or 256 kilobits/second upload speed settings from the 2nd link in my signature. You'll actually connect to fewer peers and seeds than currently, but should be getting more speed on average.

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