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Upload dips down after a few minutes (1.8)


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When somebody starts my torrent, it's about 120kb\s average, but after a few minutes it dips to 15kb\s max and sometimes completely stops. I'm also the only seed (at the moment), and the file is still not done for those downloading.

Any help on this issue? I've tried all the guides.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm on ComCast as well.

I found immediately after restarting uTorrent and for up to 2 hours afterwards, I lose basically ALL connections while seeding.

Then for no explainable reason, I get a handful...and they typically hang on for hours.

I'd like to do a proper torture test with other ComCast victims...I mean customers.

Even if we can't find the best settings, it'd be interesting to find what works the LEAST. :P

...Then maybe we can work from there, possibly giving ideas for future changes to uTorrent to make it less noticed by ComCast's hostile "network management".

Right now, I am running with DHT, Local Peer Discovery, UPnP, and Resolve IPs disabled.

Peer Exchange is enabled...and I've wondered if that's something ComCast can detect even with encryption enabled. :(

I often set half open connections to just 1, to create a tiny trickle of new connections rather than a sudden and noticeable burst. Outgoing encryption is FORCED...these connections end up going on on a random ephemeral port between about 1024 and 5000. Incoming legacy (unencrypted) connections are disabled...seems to make disconnects worse.

I've got the green light and my incoming listening port is above 10000. I've experimented with outgoing and incoming port configurations...I could find worse (such as trying to use port 80, which is pretty much blocked from me using incoming or outgoing), but not really any better. :(

Well over 90% of the time, I am uploading over 100 KiloBYTES/second, probably over 75% of the time at my 125 KiloBYTES/second upload speed max. I am seeding up to 12 "semi-active" torrents, of which only 2-5 are active at a time...and even then seldom with more than single-digit number of peers. Highest total peer count combined I've seen MIGHT have reached 25. Normally, I'm connected to just 4-10 peers. This is mostly because there are few peers looking for these files...but I can still see many peers that cannot stay connected with me for more than seconds at a time. ComCast is still hard at work...

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