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Port-Forwarding problem


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So, today was the my first attempt at optimizing Utorrent.

I went to portforwarding.com and followed the directions for my router (Actiontec gt407wg). There are three verseions listed and none looked EXACTLY like my set-up. I'm using Verizon ::Cringe:: and it changes a lot of the visuals.

I was able to ipconfig and get my DG PNS DNS etc. etc. Into network connections, onto my TCP/IP properties and i set it up with a IP address one digit off from my DG address. Input all of the other information identically to my IPCONFIG. Close. Restarted computer. Went to my router ip, and opened the port i used for Utorrent (19xxx port). Torrent has been working fine, but any and all other internet uses have been working incorrectly. Even with Utorrent closed. I will have to click a link 3-5times for it to open or progress. Sometimes a few reloads are needed to have the page work.

I also downloaded the patch, installed, and adjusted my Net.max_halfopen to 10 via windows, and another guide led me to open it via Utorrent to 50. This again imporved my download speed but also has ground my regular internet usage to a halt. Undoing the network connections IP fixes my internet problem, but closes the getway for Utorrent and it won't download anything.

Other settings via Utorrent.


Enable UPnP Unchecked

Randomize port each start Unchecked

Enable NAt-PMP port mapping. Checked

Add Windows Firewall exception Checked

Global upload rate limiting

Max upload rate - 47 kb/s

Alternate when not downloading - 0

Max Download rate - 2500

Max connections - 250

Max connected peers - 90

Number of upload slots per torrent 4

Use additional upload slots Checked

Enable DHT checked

Enable DHT for new Torrents Checked

Enable local peer discovery Checked

Ask tracker for scrape information Checked

Enable Peer Exchange Checked

Protocol encryption outgoing = enabled (forced changed nothing)

Allow Incoming legacy connections Checked


2700kb/s average download

600kb/s Upload.

While uploading recieving a MAX of 50kb/s, occasional float to 70kb/s for 20-30min spurts. Once hit 150kb/s for 1 minuite. Torrent has 2556 peers, 334 seeds. average connection is 1-2seeds + 13-15 peers.


0 0 0 0 0 (I changed my internet connections to Automatically find IP addresses, so i could post here.)

Any ideas greatly appreciated, sorry for spelling and typing errors lots of information i wanted to get out quickly =\

Ok. Slackwire just took off at 62.8kb/s. 3 seeds 3 peers. My other torrent has yet to move still.

I'm using DSL. Only person connected. And i'm on verizon.

that's all the information i can think of.

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Max Download rate - 2500

Your DSL line isn't nearly that fast. :(

Remove that limit or replace it with 300 KiloBYTES/second or less.

Alternate when not downloading - 0

...Probably should also be changed to no higher than 70 KiloBYTES/second...or even as low as 60 KiloBYTES/second.

Net.max_halfopen in uTorrent should *NEVER* be set as high as Window's maximum. And really even anything over 20 is extreme...even if windows is patched to handle 50+! That's how many new, outgoing peers and seeds connections to attempt at once all the time. Existing 2-way connections don't count against the limit, nor does new incoming connections to you.

Your modem may also contain a mini-router or firewall that needs to be configured or disabled. Did you check for it at www.portforward.com ?

Many antivirus/antispyware programs and classic software firewalls have been known to interfere with uTorrent. What versions of those are you using, if any?

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drowning: speed test sites give your speed in kilobits per second, which is different from download speed which is measured in kilobytes per second. If I remember correctly 1 kilobyte = 8 kilobits. kB = kilobytes, kb = kilobits. So if a speed test site told you your download speed was 2500mb/s then your real download times that you would see when downloading a file would be about 312mB/s maximum.

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You have a double-typo that might confuse matters:

"So if a speed test site told you your download speed was 2500mb/s then your real download times that you would see when downloading a file would be about 312mB/s maximum."

...Probably should read:

"So if a speed test site told you your download speed was 2500kb/s (kilobits/second) then your real download times that you would see when downloading a file would be about 312KB/s (KiloBYTES/second) maximum."

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