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Copy completed downloads to:

Chris Blunt

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I know this is an old thread that was started back when LOST was still churning out new episodes, but my idea sort of runs along side this one. When my downloads are complete, I have them automatically converted to xbox. Then I have to manually go in and move that converted file from the AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\media folder to the folder where I have plex pointed...

Would be sweet to be able to customize the conversions to automatically get deposited into its appropriate folder (Xbox, iPad, iPhone, etc.)

And if it that setting already exists, it would be sweet if someone could point out where it's located. :-)

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I do this all the time. When the download completes I right click on the file and hit copy, then take it to wherever I want and paste it there. Leaves the seeding file where it is and can then open the copy and watch. I also do this with individual files out of a multi file torrent.

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uTorrent can already automatically copy the finished torrent from it's current location to any folder xcopy can access, including network drives.

For one torrent, right click on the torrent and click 'properties', then go to the Advanced tab.

For every torrent from now on, go to uTorrent preferences (ctrl-p), go to 'advanced', then go to 'run program'.

Under "Run this program when a torrent/download finishes:", enter the following text:

xcopy "%D\%F" c:\yourdestinationfolder\

or for a network drive,

xcopy "%D\%F" \\OtherComputer-PC\Users\Public\Videos

And if you want the window to stay up after copying to make sure it's working, just add "cmd /k" in front of xcopy, like this:

cmd /k xcopy "%D\%F" \\OtherComputer-PC\Users\Public\Videos

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I'd very much like this feature also.


I don't understand why some would consider it niche.


When a file, or set of files, complete downloading, I always copy them to another location for viewing.


"Copy on download complete" is something I figured most people did.


What else would one do (assuming one seeds, and isn't a jerk)?


I'd copy even if I didn't seed,


I very rarely delete anything that I download, and I wish to copy each completed file to the appropriate directory (of the appropriate drive).

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