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uTorrentPauser v is out!


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the download link dont work for me not in firefox 3.6 anyhow.. google says download attachment which is a web page

does this tool pause the downloads from a batchfile as can use pingatron to detect when a ip comes online then call the batchfile to pause utorrent..

thats what im looking for anyhow

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I managed to find both versions and Installed and tried them both individually. Neither one works with uTorrent 2.0.4. under Win 7.

Perhaps the settings are wrong but for what ever reason I ca't get any kind of feedback from the program except the error message that pops up.

Just one question though. When uTorrent is running it is I suppose listening on the IP of the internet connection. Am I supposed to fill in this value ?

I have tried with only frustration!

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Wow love this app. Finally give me functionality I have wanted for years from utorrent or some torrent client. Which is to uncap bandwidth when the computer is idle.

I have requested such a feature before and just got totally shot down which I don't understand. I think it would only help the torrent community. Durring the day I and others come and go from my computer using the internet off and on so I just end up capping my bandwidth for most of the day but then a lot of the time nobody will be using it for hours. I just don't know from day to day who might be using the computer and when so I just have to cap it and be safe. Now with this I can always be uploading or downloading at my max when nobody is using the computer while at the same time making sure when someone is on it will be capped.

Anyway just wanted to say how much I LOVE this app but I haven't been able to get it working with 2.0.4 so had to downgrade. It could also still use some polishing and maybe make the limit while busy / resume on screen saver functionality a bit more user friendly.

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