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Slow ETA update


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I have the same problem. One of my torrents' ETA has just reached 1 year, although I'm constantly downloading it with about 350 KB/sec and it only has 3.5 GB. (So it should show 3 hours or something). I'm using µtorrent 1.8 Build 11813. Never had this problem with the 1.6.x oder 1.7.x versions.

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I just noted that there aren't any seeders with 100% of the file at the moment - does µtorrent increase the ETA (to infinite) then? Was it changed since 1.7.7? I never noticed anything like that in old versions.

And is there any explanation for this "sliding scale"? English isn't my mother tongue and I don't know what it means. If my guess it right, this "sliding scale" didn't has to anything with my problem, because my ETA was increasing more and more instead of decreasing.


After thinking about it again:

1.) If the ETA going to infinite when the file is not 100% available - although currently downloading - is intended and

2.) If my download had someone with 100% at the beginning, so that there was a finite ETA at the beginning and

3.) The last one with 100% did go offline (and a complete file cannot be made with the remaining peers) and

4.) I understand this "sliding scale" correct

then everything is fine and it was no bug. I would just need to confirm point 1.)

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