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ANOTHER internet slow while utorrent running...


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i've been using utorrent for a few months now without issue...I've searched, think my problem might be anti-virus related but heres what i know so far...

using windows XP Pro SP3

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz


Using Windows Defender and Windows Firewall

McAfee Security Center - "utorrent has full access to the internet and can establish inbound and outbound connections"

I recently upgraded my internet with AT&T Yahoo DSL to their "elite" package, maximums of 6Mbps/768kbps, and figured i'd run a check on the speed to make sure they actually gave me the upgrade. without utorr running i average about 5Mbps/615kbps and with utorr running i get less than 1.5Mbps/45kbps.

i've gone thru the setup guide, everything is setup properly exactly how the guide advises.

net.max_halfopen has been set to 2 cuz lowering it seemed to be recommended for others i found in searching.

IP resolving has been disabled

both DHT have been disabled

UPnP and NAT-PMP have both been disabled

peer.resolve_country is set to false

i've got a green check in the status bar

"OK! Port 50000 is open and accepting connections."

Upload limit: 60kbps

Global Connections: 150

Connections: 50

Max Torrents: 5

Upload Slots: 4

Max Active Downloads: 4

internet runs thru a Siemens Speedstream 4100 modem then a D-link DIR-655 wireless router...laptop is connected wirelessly

what have i missed??? why would the connection speed slow down so dramatically just b.c. utorrent is running? I usually leave it on all the time to seed but if thats the case i'm not going to be able to.


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i would but when i bought the laptop i'm using i paid for 3 years of service thru McAfee...so i hope thats not the problem and wouldnt want uninstalling it to be solution...theres bound to be a setting i could change if it were the problem...i'm still exploring that...

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just got of the wire with mcafee tech support, i did have to add the forwarded port to the mcafee firewall but it did not fix the problem...they told me how to completely disable mcafee and it too did not fix the problem, so thats not it...researching router stuff now...

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