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NAT Error


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I get this error consistently. I also see very few peers connecting - presumably because I can only see peers which will accept Inbound connections, and many can't.

I am using ZoneAlarm; disabling it doesn't help (also, I've defined a rule on the Inbound connections port I'm using, and this doesn't help; also ZA isn't logging any inbound connection attempts, successful or unsuccessful) so this isn't the cause of the problem.

I running XP SP2 with Windows firewall disabled.

I have not forwarded any ports as I am using a VPN tunnel to connect to the Internet, i.e. I have a direct connection to the Internet.

Any ideas what I might try?

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It was kind of you to answer, but this is a VPN-specific problem. You can't/don't forward ports if you have a direct connection to the internet (for example a dialup connection), port forwarding is only relevant if you are connecting through a firewall. VPN is a direct connection method, just like dialup: there is just no way of forwarding ports over VPN, it's meaningless even to try.

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