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"Tracker respons does not have a client field"


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Ok so this is a english translation of the swedish error a dude is getting.

Now ive built a Torrent Tracker Site (note, a tracker source code) from scratch so i'm not using one of those allready out there.

And the announcement seams to be working correctly.

The clients dosn't differ at all afaik on the announcement part but the data the client recieves from my or any other tracker source code is not enough.

The client can still seed/downoload but the torrent icon stays red forever and displays a error "Tracker respons does not have a client field".

Worked fine up until the latest version of uTorrent.


Am i missing a header or something to please uTorrent or is uTorrent just going rogue and making their own torrent standards?

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As mentioned. the peerlist is correct since the client gets peers and such.

And it's been working fine until the change of uTorrent version.

Now as i also mentioned i built the source code for the tracker and it sends the correct data afaik. It's basicly just a bencoded string of:

- Total ammount of leechers

- Total ammount of seeders

- Min announce interval

- private or not

- [peer list]

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