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Hard Drive Crash, Lost uTorrent Association, need to reinstate


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I recendly had my C drive crash and burn in a bad way. I replaced Drive C which had my OS on it (WinXP). OK, so I had all me .torrent files and Partially downloaded files on a secondary drive (called Drive D).

Now, when I got my computer back with the new drive, I had to re-install uTorrent. But now I would like to know how to re-associate all the partially downloaded torrents I have. I still have the torrent files and the partially downloaded files, but by secondary drive has a new name (E).

I'm not sure how I can go about resuming my downloads from where I left off or if this is possible?

I sincerely hope it is since I was downloading a 8GB file that I paid to access and I was almost done.

Any help would be very appreciated.

Also, just FYI i am a novice computer user, so clear, step by step directions would really be appreciated.

I appreciate your reading this and your help!

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