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I can't configure uTorrent because I can't port forward??


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I completely new to this so I'm sorry if I don't make any sense. :D

I tried to just dive right in and download a torrent using uTorrent but my speed is really slow - it looks like it will take about 10 weeks for my file to download unless I do something! D:

My slow speed might be because it isn't configured properly but I don't seem to be able to fix that...

I try to test if the port is being forwarded properly but I just get this error message:

Checking port 45682 on XX.X.XXX.XXX...

Error! Port 45682 does not appear to be open

And I get directed to:


A list of routers...

I don't have a router! D:

I'm with Virgin Media, all I have is a modem which I connect directly to my laptop.

Model no. E08C007

Following some advice elsewhere I tried to open a port myself by going to - - but I can't connect to that.

So I need help... please...

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I tried another file and that was green.

I still feel my connection is a little slower than other peoples...

For the file I want to download the little sign is still yellow. But least the ETA has dropped from 10 weeks to just over 3 days. The file is nearly 9GB. Does that seem about right?

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