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All torrents deleted from uT window after computer crash: how resolve?


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I use uT 1.8 and WinXP SP3.


My computer was freezing and stayed blocked so I decided to turn off with ON/OFF button (forced shutdown) and of course uT was running. :(

When I restarted my computer then uT, I saw the uT window (torrent queue) was EMPTY ! All my 50 torrents was deleted from uT. :/

So I checked %AppData%\uTorrent folder and .torrent files are present with settings.dat (.old) and resume.dat (.old) too.

QUESTION: (maybe with a final 's') :)

1/ How a forced shutdown of computer can remove all the torrents in uT queue ?

(just for my personal knowledges...)

2/ Now I will try to reload my torrents in uT. I tested the auto-load procedure, but that works fine only for "grouped" torrents with same properties (download folder, etc...).

But each of my 50 torrents had a specific final download folder and sometimes only one part of the torrent was leeched/seeded.

So is it possible to auto-reload all my torrents with their specific properties saved in resume.dat or somewhere (back-up file) ?

Thx in advance for your help. Ciao.

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... if your resume.dat.old is ~ 1 KiB you have no status. That's why it was blank. If you backed up your data though you have some hope.

As I helped just recently with, I found http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=317002#p317002 and http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=287849#p287849 and give step-by-step information where you don't have a backup with data in it.

1:A) If uTorrent was in the process of saving data... it won't load the .dat file it will try .old. This may happen and fail. (A search for "resume.dat" presuming a loss of resume.dat data suggests as much... though this should happen less.) In all cases you should 1) check out your .DAT files after a bad shutdown of uTorrent, or 2) backup . DAT files regularly if you're prone to losing power/unexpected-resets.

2:A) ;) see before #1

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Ok thanks I will try but I'm not sure this procedure to auto-load grouped tors will keep my settings before the computer crash, especially the download folder for each leeched torrent & the selection of files to leech in a torrent... :/

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Ok that was my main problem, but I thought resume.dat saved the destination folder and the selection of pieces to dwl for each torrent but that doesn't seem to be the case ...

Changing folder & re-selecting unwanted files for auto-reload procedure will in conclusion so long as the manual reload... :/

Thx for your help anyway.

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I read your link and that's really interesting to edit .torrent & .dat ! Thx ! :)

In addition I would like to simulate a "computer crash" and test an auto-reload of ONE torrent with a specific destination folder & a selection of files to dwl.

So can you help me to establish my simulation.

>>> Data:

0/ Vista OS & uT 1.8

1/ one torrent e.g. AB.torrent with 2 files A & B

2/ I decide to dwl only file A but not B

3/ destination folder (e.g. \Download\AB) is different than the current folder (\Download) where all various files are dwled.

So uT will save these settings in resume.dat as you asked me. :)

>>> My simulation step by step:

1/ I copy and paste files resume.dat & .old.dat (containing these settings) in a folder

2/ Same thing for AB.torrent

3/ I set up the procedure for auto-load:

select -> Store .torrents in: %AppData%\uTorrent

select -> Automatically load .torrents from: %AppData%\uTorrent\AB

unselect -> Always show dialog...

4/ I delete torrent AB in uT window but not data (files A & B)

5/ I put one copy of AB.torrent, resume.dat & .old.dat in %AppData%\uTorrent

(so it erases current settings, no pbm)

6/ I put one copy of AB.torrent in %AppData%\uTorrent\AB

7/ I reopen uT

For me these 7 steps should simulate a "crash computer" with an empty uT queue as result.

>>>Running test:

ERROR: Can't open .torrent file: AB.torrent

So how improve my simulation of auto-reloading a torrent with good destination folder & file selection ?

Thk you. Bye.

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