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Utorrent crashes my whole pc!!!


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Hello :)

Im a new user in this forum.I would like some help if someone can give me!

I used to had utorrent 1.7.7 and everything was fine.I decided to update it via the in-program auto update to the latest version utorrent 1.8.And thats when the problems begin!When i opened the program sometime later it crashes my whole pc!I have to reboot it in order to be usable again!I think its happening when im uploading something.

I used to have Kaspersky antivirus 2009,i uninstalled it because i thought it was causing the problem.I install Nod32 v.3 and it happens again!I also updated the program (utorrent) in the latest beta which says it corrected some problem with the web protection of the Nod32.But still the same!Please help me because its the only torrent client i want,i dont want to install something different.

Thank you in advance,im sorry for this long message.

P.S. Sorry about my terrible English :)

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