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I can't run utorrent and connect with my browsers and IMs at same time


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I can't connect anywhere with any of my browsers instant messengers now with my urtorrent running. I can either have utorrent running, or have it OFF and have my browers (and instant msngrs) connecting.

I have Win XP Home SP2, Dell 4700, Pentium 4 CPU 3.00 GHz, 2.99 GHz, 512 MB of RAM, utorrent 1.8. (I uninstalled the beta .8.1 and re-installed the stable .8, just in case, but it didn't fix the problem) Firefox 3.0.1., IE 7.0.5730.13, Opera 9.52, ATT Yahoo DSL, effective download speed of about (average) 1700 kbps, Security Shield 2008 Firewall and A/V vs.

I'm 95% sure "Security Shield 2008" is part of Kaspersky - and I'm basically using Kaspersky software, but I am not getting any "insufficient system resources" error messages (I saw that topic in this forum). I'm not getting any error messages from utorrent or from my Security Shield software or my Windows OS.

I also read the sticky topic about firewalls. None of it seems to apply in my case

I have at least 200 MB Ram available at all times, when running utorrent or when I don't.

I'm not getting any error messages.

I used to be able to run Utorrent and browsers at the same time with my Security Shield 2008.


I downloaded the TCP Optimizer program - a friend suggested it, but I haven't used it. I also have my Local Area Connection settings including my Intel Pro/100 VE Network Connection set to Windows XP defaults.

Can anyone help? Any ideas?

Thanks much.

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