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Speed will not go above 1kb/sec per torrent on 2WIRE 2701HG-G


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I have a PC and a laptop with Win XP SP3, utorrent 1.8 and 2WIRE 2701HG-G router. I often have the problem that one of my computers will not download above 1kB/sec per torrent (usually 15-25kb/sec total d/l); while the other gives me normal speeds (my connection is up to 600kB/sec). Last week it was the PC and I tried to do everything to fix it (forwarded ports, DMZ plus, reduced incoming connections, tcp/ip patch, disabled port mapping, enabled encyption) and nothing worked. This week its switched and now my laptop is the one giving me the slow speeds and my PC is fine. My light is green btw and utorrent tells me all ports are forwarded properly.

Any ideas?

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