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Very weird problem....


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i have been using utorrent for a while now.. and I really like it.. but recently have had a couple of weird things happen...

I noticed that my "download speed" was more then what my torrents were doing... and sometimes was had a speed (of 4 or 5k) , even when none of my torrents were active.

Then I started noticing that soe torrents jsut were not downloading at all... and some worked fine. no ryme or reason... some start up right away, others sit forever, with nothing downloading... even after rebooting.

a couple days ago, I had my laptop on the same network (shared internet connection)... and just for the heck of it... I told it download the same torrents, (using utorrent also, but an older version)... it downloaded right away!!

The version on my desktop is: ver 8 build 11813

Anyone else have this problem???

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K, sorry to tell you but your settings are whacked out. You have a limit of 20? Change to the preset xx/128 ...

As far as the torrents which don't work, are there errors in the tracker status on the trackers tab? What about connected peers... in the General tab you see Availability, without an availability > 1.000 you can't complete the file and availability*100 = % you can download.

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