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no download speed ad all


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hello people

i'm allready waiting for 14 weeks now

but the downloading wil not started

i have tryed every thing

i have restart my computer for over 200 time's now

i have restart the programa utorrent also a lot

a lot of other movies wil start to download

but possession will not start

and i dont know what i do wrong

the movie is not for sale in the store s anymore

so the i net is my only hope for this one

if someone can make it posible that the movie wil start to download it will be


i also called my isp that the movie didnt want to download

but they didnt want to help me

i dont understand why not i pay them 9.95 every month

do you know what that is in a year oooh so mf much

but they told me we can t help you with downloading movie's

wel mayb somebody hear can help me

mayb someone of you know enough about torrent to fix this problems

or is this just a post from some one that its fake or something

or do i have to reply a message before i download a movie

or is it something else

well i tryed to give you all the information that i know

i also copyed the name and things below this message

Added comments

Name Size Seeds Leechers

31 May 06 [D]Possession (1981 - Unrated) in Horror 1.29 GB 0 0

P.S for the people who haven't read enough bull shit

i sugest to buy a news paper or something

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"i also called my isp that the movie didnt want to download"

I honestly hope that you're kidding about this. That's like me telling some employee of an electronic shop that I bought a 360, swapped it with an earlier build, and returning the former -- it's illegal.

Seriously, you just proved that there is no limit to stupidity.

P.S. Yes, I highly doubt the movie you want has lost its copyright.

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