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New ISP, same router, cannot get port to open correctly


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Hey everyone,

I'll try my best to explain my situation.

I used to have cable internet through Time Warner and I had configured the router properly to open up a port for uTorrent. Just this past Monday I switched to Windstream DSL, which of course brings in another modem, and now I cannot get the port to open correctly in uTorrent. I get the little red icon.

I have Windows Firewall enabled, with uTorrent as an exception. I have gone to my router setup page and opened the port for my ip address. There are 3 computers on my network here at home. I know which address is mine and I have opened the port but uTorrent tells me its not open. I have read as much as I can find and I'm just not sure where I'm going wrong this time.

My router is a Linksys NR041

My new DSL "modem" is a SpeedStream 4200.

Running XP SP3

uTorrent 1.8

If anyone could shed some light on this problem for me I'd really appreciate it. I'm sure it's probably something miniscule but I just havent been able to find it. I'll provide any other helpful information if need be. Thank you!

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