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Vodafone and scimilar mobile DIAL-UP internet - OWNERS, READ IT!!!


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In the last year, a technology has evolved, which allows users to operate the internet via a modified cellphone signal. I must say that IT ROCKS!!! :D

The modem is so small that you can put it in the pocket along with the cable: http://img87.imageshack.us/img87/7812/e220back600x450su3.jpg

Let us leave the specifics aside and go to the reason why I am posting this topic:

With a new technology comes the possibility of non-compatibility with uTorrent users. When I bought this technology I learned it the hard way. Downloads via any P2P client will be slowing down, eventually coming to a stop untill you restart the program. Aditionally all trackers will be timing out.

To fix this problem there is a simple explanation and solution, (when you are implementing my sollutions please refer to the uTorrent manual):

1.:The ISP (internet service provider) does not have P2P ports available for P2P clients so the modem software compensates by rerouting all P2P trafic to port 30775, so set your utorrent port to 30775 and disable random port generation at every startup of uTorrent.

2.:The ISP identifies the data that is coming through to uTorrent as unknown or unnecesary so they will try to fint out what it is, in case that you might have viruses that are transmiting your passwords etc. In this case there are 2 possibilities, both with same outcome:

-The ISP will identify this traffic to be nothing but "crap" (sorry for the expression!) and will cut off the stream to reduce general network traffic of all users;

-The ISP will identify seeding as keylogger triing to send information elsewhere and will cut off uTorrent port and send warnings to you to check your hard drive for viruses.

The solution to both cases is that you force the protocol encription in the options menu. Although this has no direct effect on the data traffic itself it changes the way that uploads and downloads behave in uTorrent and cause the ISP to identify them as standard traffic.

3.:Even if you have a broadband mobile connection it is not guaranteed that your download speed will be fully using the benefits of broadband. To fix this go to the preferences and advanced, find the tab net.max_halfopen and set it to 5. Please dont ask me why do you have to change this and why set this exactly to 5 because even if I explain it you still wont understand.

4.:Disable port mapping because you are handling the port manually.

Before you start asking questions please make sure that all the other options are default and that everything that I have sugested is done properly!

It is a possibility that you dont have these problems or that even if you followed my advice you still have some minor problems. You can consider this post to be a "beta" of what needs to be done to make it work.

The chances of using P2P on mobile network with my settings have increased exponentially for users that have problems!

Aditional info will be issued eventually, this is a relatively new technology, and my work on its corralation with uTorrent has barely begun. For aditional info. you can ask me on tomazevski@gmail.com.



There have been some preliminary tests:

The optimizations have been tested on 5 users having mobile internet conetions with same problems.


All test subjets had stable conetions to trackers and 4 of 5 subject download had MAXXXED OUT!! In the case of 2 subjets the download speed has braken over the maximum limit that the connection can handle. [LOL!?! oO] One user had slow speed but it was constant.

I'll leave the conclusions up to you! :)


Have a nice day!

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Nifty guide, but you forgot one vital piece of information.. what sustained uploads are you getting, and what setting did you choose on the Speed Guide (Ctrl-G).

I would also suggest since it appears you are using a USB connection to get this going, that you lower the settings even further using http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=34259 a comprehensive list Switeck evolved for "best settings" on a wide range of linespeeds.

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Quote Switeck:

You may need to also disable DHT, LPD, UPnP, and Resolve IPs (right-click in peers window) in uTorrent.

>>4.:Disable port mapping because you are handling the port manually.<<

By this I meant to disable UPnP port mapping, maybe I wasn't accurate enough, as for the other options, it is not necesary, because, despite the diffirences, the internet connection is as same as cable of thelephone, except that there are no bulky cables. Disabling DHT only slows the whole thing down at the expense of safety, so its really a users choice, and disabling resolve IPs is for really slow conections (less that 100k). Speed guide setting are supposed to be normal, at least matching the internet speed for example:

The slowest possible speed of mobile internet in my country is 236,8 kb/s, so the speed setting goes to 256 kb/s.

As for the USB: no matter what you do, the speed will not exceed the maximum speed of USB 2.0.

One more thing: I am an educated computer technitian, so no noobish treatment pls!

P.S.: [again! :S]

I am a fan of this technology because of, well, a camping trip last month: While everybody was toasting marshmeloes and singing camp songs I was playing Quake 3 online. I took my laptop and my modem, conected the laptop into the 12V car adapter and "released the demon"!!!

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"The slowest possible speed of mobile internet in my country is 236,8 kb/s, so the speed setting goes to 256 kb/s."

BIG mistake! uTorrent is set up based on max sustainable UPLOAD speeds. ...which are often much lower than the Download speed max quoted by ISPs!

DHT, LPD, UPnP, and Resolve IPs are ALL done via something other than TCP packet types.

This puts a load on the typically VERY CRAPPY USB networking driver.

DHT is a drain of bandwidth that ONLY appreciably helps on public torrents that are very poorly seeded. It can cost 2-8 KB/second BOTH WAYS at times. And that's a sizable chunk of your upload at the least.

Even if trackers go down, you still retain seed+peer connections. Plus, Peer Exchange will help you find more from the few you're already connected to. On private torrents, DHT and Peer Exchange are disabled for those torrents anyway...but DHT continues running its separate network anyway.

LPD...is not going to overcome the 1st mile limitations of mobile dial-up internet. And the multicast packets that it uses to discover local peers may not be appreciated by your ISP. :P Such methods are also used by hackers to find local unprotected computers. :)

UPnP enabled can actually cause port issues as it tries to over-map the already manually forwarded port. This would only occur if the networking software or hardware were particularly defective...but that's true of many USB devices.

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True. However, it makes no difference on mobiles, changing these settings does nothing, the downoad rate is still maximum according to bandwith and signal strength.

The only guy that had problems in the preliminary tests was outside of the signal zone and he had serious packet loss, I'll tell him to follow your advice, after all, it does save some bandwidth if nothing else.

Now, going a little off topic:

You mentioned hackers: let them try, i will even give them my IP, and i will be damned if they get away in one piece! :D

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"the downoad rate is still maximum according to bandwith and signal strength."

So you don't care about your upload rate...figures. :(

Hacking methods may be launched from someone's computer who's infected with a virus...who is both unaware of the virus and not associated with the real hackers. You attack their box, you're only going to make the internet a worse place. :(

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I AM USING THE SAME SETUP THAT IS IN THE GUIDE, it is you that isn't paying attention!

It is you guys that are triing to enforce me some additional modifications which are unnecesary and have no effect on the traffic itself. And of course I care about upload, its the thing that allows us to share things via P2P in the first place.:) That's why uTorrent has a thing called "ratio". I wont play smartass on you, because you know what it is.

What I do basically is that I leave the upload/download limits to automatic and if my ratio is less than 1 then my upload will be aproprietly larger that download unless, of course, I have nothing to share with my comrades on the other side of the link.:D


"Hacking methods may be launched from someone's computer who's infected with a virus...who is both unaware of the virus and not associated with the real hackers. You attack their box, you're only going to make the internet a worse place."

I know, I can backtrack the stream by accesing another victims traffic and see from which IP comes the same traffic pattern from where a punk is triing to get to me. You might say that I am no better than a hacker, but at least I dont cause damage.:D

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