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Hi, i am very new in using utorrent. I am holding back my purchase of a sony Vaio TP that i would eventually use to play movie downloaded from the Internet. After much effort, i have managed to downloaded movies using utorrent software via isohunt search. Here i have some questions (pretty amateurish though) and i hope the experts here could help:

1. After completed the downloading, it(the uTorrent application) continues with seeding process. My question: What is seeding? Is it necessary?

2. I tried playing the movie (on the pc) it was fine but when i have it on full screen, the quality is very bad (very pixelated). So, if i would purchase the sony TP and have the movie played on TV, I would presume the quality will be equally bad as well, is it true? May i ask if it's possible to somehow download better quality movies online (that is "perfect" on TV) or is there something that i didn't do?

I appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.

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