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Scheduler limit logic


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Found something odd... and did a search, but it didn't seem the other topics mentioned this scenerio. Here's what I discovered, using example numbers:

Scheduler is limiting upload bandwidth to 16K/s

Global upload bandwidth is then set to 8K/s

According to uTorrent, it still uploads at 16K/s, which I find a little odd due to logic. Has this bug already been reported or is this the "correct" logic in handling bandwidth? Please close if this has already been fixed in beta or reported. Just wanted to point this out.

Using 1.3 build 364

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But the odd part is that the Scheduler is taking higher precedence over the Global Max. Let's say for instance that during the time where the Scheduler is active that you want to further limit the upload stream to something lower than what the Scheduler is currently set to. Wouldn't it make sense to take the lower of the two and use it instead? I know the Scheduler is intended for time-based bandwidth control. But I find it odd that if you were switching between different speed levels that the Scheduler would override that regardless if the Global is set lower than the Scheduler's.

Anyway, I'll deal with it for now. It just seems a little strange for that to occur.

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