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Quick question about u Torrent


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Can u tell by the way i typed out "U Torrent" that im a bit of a dummy when it comes to this but it would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me and tell me the right number of torrents to be downloading at once to attain optimum speed. Like I get good speeds from some when im downloading like 6 at a time but it seems like i get better speed when im only downloading 2 or 3...but im not definite on the matter Like im downloading huge files between like 2 - 200gbs each....and NOOOO, its not illegally traded media, how dare u even think of that...u bastard..lol. So if any help on this topic that could be told to me through tube of information i check everyday...then I will tell u cheers as if that was the actual slang that was actually used in the place I actually lived.

THanks for ur time

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