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Firefox 3 right-click bug?


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Hi all

I'm using Firefox 3 under Ubuntu Hardy and I'm using Web UI 0.361. When I right-click some item (say, for changing download priority of a file in a torrent), I get the Firefox popup menu to overlap Web UI's. Is this normal?

It's nice that clicking outside the popup menu makes Firefox's disappear and uTorrent's remains active so I can still use it. But it bothers me, I can swear this never happened to me when using an older Web UI version about a year ago.

Also, the Web UI I had installed a few weeks ago (not sure which version, I think it was packed with uTorrent 1.6) was worst than this: even after getting rid of the Firefox's popup menu, choosing an menu option from Web UI's popup menu had no effect, so I couldn't change a file's priority from Web UI.

I have about a dozen of Firefox extensions enabled, but disabling them all didn't do the trick.

Am I really the only one with this issue? If not, did anyone figured this one out? I don't believe this is the expected behavior...


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"At this point, the only real problem is that the Firefox menu still pops up on top of the WebUI menu, but that's not a major issue -- you can close the Firefox menu using Esc or clicking elsewhere, and the WebUI context menu should work fine."

That's right, this version I'm using got it fixed, but the FF popup menu still shows up. And I guess I better not to expect a fix on that just yet.

I know uTorrent is not for sale but, if it was, that ticket wouldn't be considered a minor problem.

Thanks for the link, I didn't know of that, I just searched this on the forums.

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