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One lil thing about the "no entry sign". I came home from work and saw all my torrents had the sign. I checked the torrent sites and saw I wasnt listed as leeching or seeding anymore, so may stats may or may not have got screwed at the sites. Then I couldnt download anything anymore. B4 coming on here and asking whats wrong with uTorrent, I used the Repair option for the Local Area Connection on WinXP (right click on the 2 pcs in the tray and go to Repair) and it cleared the problem. I was listed again at the sites, the "no entry sign" was gone and I could download again. While the repair was happening, I saw it said Clearing DNS Cache and some other stuff I cant remember now..

Just some info to pass along. (b4 this thread gets locked) :)

It was also strange that I couldnt download but could still upload, but it wasnt listed at the sites.

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I had exactly the same problem yesterday and still have.

I am trying to do the same as you but need some help.

I am trying to find the repair option you mentioned for the Local Area Connection on WinXP.

I have 2 sets of icons you mentioned one is in use as Dial up from my modem, this seems ok.

The other is Lan or High speed connection this has a cross on it and always has.

Could you please advise step by step how to find the repair option.

Thanks in advance

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