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v1.3 stable, ratio bug


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I'm seeing faulty maths in my torrents stats too with 1.3 stable release... It's what turned out to be a trackerless torrent strugling along on DHT with leechers that have differents ports declared in the DHT than in reality, which breaks up the swarm, so have been reseeding it often... I did do some tricks to see if any of those that had downloaded were really remaining or was only ghosts in the (connections) by removing the file and forcing a re-check to make it download off any remaining seeds on the torrent... then replacing the complete file and re-checking to recomence seeding.

Stats are currently....

Time elapsed 1d 19h

Total Size 462 MB

Downloaded 1.00 MB

Uploaded 1.88 GB

Share ratio: inf

by my maths the true ratio is a long way short of infinite!

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